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Villa Chianti Castellare de’ Sernigi is situated in the Chianti area, one of the most characteristic and important areas from a historical, eno-gastronomical and environmental point of view. Villa Castellare de’ Sernigi is right in the middle of the Chianti area, between the Provinces of Florence and Siena.
The name “Chianti” dates right back to the Etruscans who called the area between the Pesa and Arbua Rivers “Clante-i”. The name “Chianti” is known all over the world for its wine but there are also important archaeological sites in this territory - Etruscan, and various others. Many castles were built during the Middle Ages, most of which are still in good repair and open to visitors.

Famous all over the world for the production of it excellent wine, the Chianti territory is a hilly area situated in the centre of Tuscany between Florence and Siena: a succession of medieval hamlets, castles, churches, abbeys, monasteries, manor houses and villas come one after the other in fantastic itineraries which exalt the industriousness and creativity of man. Centuries of work have modeled the hills of this region, alternating vineyards, olive trees and woods in a unique and inimitable harmony. The true heart of Tuscany where one can become reconciled with the rhythms of life.

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